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New "Clarice Cliff" Vase.

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Our little shop was built as a 1927 Chemist’s shop and satisfyingly “Art Deco” in design.
Naturally, we just have to have an affection for a vase like this.

A delightful re-interpretation of the work of the most famous English 1930’s Ceramic Designer, Clarice Cliff.
This time re-worked by contemporary English Designer Jeanne McDougall,
then hand produced in China, the original home of Porcelain.

A classic baluster shaped vase, with swirling raised black linework,
filled in with hand painted juicy rich red and yellow glazes on a white ground.
Solid blacks are then used to intensify the richness of these glazes,
which are brought out by repeated refirings.

With all the familiar motifs you’ve come to expect.
There’s the overhanging tree, under which you see the serpentine garden path,
leading home to the cottage, with the welcoming smoke rising from the chimney.

In the 1930’s the originals were designed by Clarice Cliff,
then painted by her many workers.
They were mass produced to satisfy the demand and mostly inexpensive,
now they fetch a fortune and few of us can afford to own one.
Every other Pottery worldwide copied and produced variations,
on her themes and colours, the reds, oranges and yellows,
until they just became synonomous with the 1930’s.
(check also the Indian Wooden Tobacco boxes we have from that period,
see TB001 and TB002.)

Luckily for us 70 years later, here’s a lovely utilitarian vase
that captures the joyous vitality of the originals,
whilst being new and having a more realistic, popularist pricetag.

If you’re really into “Clarice”, then see also CK100 and CK 101,
(if they’re still available.)

Age: Contemporary.

Size: H 20 cm x D 12 cm.

Weight: 816 grams.