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Nishapur, Large Green Bowl


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A rather old
, round "Early Islamic" bowl from Eastern Iran or Central Asia, decorated with what appears to be naieve "faux" marbling. These are achieved with almost random lines of lead underglazes in green and yellow ochre, imitating the grain of marble.

These bowls were made and traded from the city of Nishapur, Khorasan Province in  Eastern Persia (Iran) around the 10th-12th Centuries AD.

The characteristic slip painted designs with clear over glazes on a buff clay reached a peak in this period and it wasn't long before Genghis Khan massacred the city as punishment for the death of his son in law. His onslaught ended many cultures and styles. (See also the Genghis Khan Siege Coin rings and pendants we may still have.) 

There appears to be no damage apart from one small (10 mm), and a few tiny, chips around the rim, some of which are only indicated by the flaking of the glaze and exposure of the white clay underneath.

Age: 10th -12th Century AD.

Size: Diameter of top, 246 mm. (Diam of base 117 mm) x Height 99 mm.

Weight: 1020 grams.