AUD $340.00

Olam Ersari, Silver Cuff.

An engraved, broad, plain silver Ersari/Olam Turkoman cuff.

With central heavily decorated raised band, and small punched circles surrounding curvy plain spiral scrolls.

Two solid points decide the width of the opening (22 mm.) so if you can wriggle through that gap……

Some dive in lengthwise fingers first, with the thumb protruding.
I prefer the floppy karate chop, wobbling the wrist into the gap with no pressure.

DON’T Damage it trying to adjust it.

L 78 mm x W (interior 64 mm x 52 mm. )

Now, “World of Bracelets” says this piece is Ersari Turkoman, “Splendour of Ethnic Jewellery” says Olam Turkoman.


I’ll demer and say both, I think Olam is an Ersari subtribe, anyway.

(Oh, and the backgrounds are 19th Century William Morris Wallpaper designs, not Russian Export Cottons, however, the latter would have been influenced by whatever was popular in Europe at the time.
And I’m sure William Morris, Liberty and the Arts and Crafts movement, as a whole, would have liked this traditionally handcrafted cuff!)

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: L 78 mm x W 67 mm

Weight: 86 grams