AUD $140.00

Olam Turkoman, Engraved Silver Cuff

A smallish, very worn engraved silver Olam Turkoman wristcuff, with a central rib and 2 bands of repeated motifs.

The silver has that sensuous worn smoothness we seek in an old used/worn Tribal Silver piece, a quality only achieved with long wear. This mellow smoothness is delightful, but just as easily it would respond magnificently to a gentle polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth."

This is quite a small cuff for a smaller wrist, the internal measurement is about L 56 mm x W 52 mm.

It's 24 mm wide on the wrist, with two solid "teeth" guarding the gap which measures 22 mm.

If you have a smallish wrist and can get through that gap you're in but there is room for very minor adjustment, but only do it gently once. This is done by wrapping your finger and thumb around the cuff on your wrist, leaving the gap uncovered, then squeezing gently in small squeezes, directing the energy out the gap as it closes.


Only tighten it a little, just enough to wobble a limp wrist in or out. Don't lock it, to avoid having to reopen it.

Repeated opening and closing will quickly create a weak spot. SO DON"T!

This cuff is one of a pair, sold seperately. However if you're after it we may still have its partner, see TC170.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: L 58 mm x W 54 mm X D 24 mm.

Weight: 27 grams.