AUD $520.00

Olam Turkoman Silver Cuff.


An "engraved"  medium, plain silver Ersari/Olam Turkoman cuff.

With two outer and one central plain raised band, outlined with fine twisted wire filigree and filled in with small punched crescents surrounding curvy plain spiral scrolls. These crescents are rather haphazardly placed, which with any minor dents that may occur add to its Tribal character.

Three points on either side define the gap, which tapers from 26 mm down to 23 mm at the other end. 

So if you can wriggle through that gap……Some dive in lengthwise fingers first, with the thumb protruding.
I prefer the floppy karate chop, wobbling the wrist into the gap with no pressure.

DON’T Damage it trying to adjust it.

L 74 mm on wrist x W (interior 60 mm x 52 mm. )

Although it appears quite old I think it is actually probably not, certainly not as old as others we have had and priced accordingly.

In good condition without any faults apart from a few minor dents, which are character in a Tribal piece, not faults. The dark age might have been rubbed on to add to its patina or I could just be becoming overly critical. Though I think it looks great and with an occasional gentle polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth, will look quite superb worn.

Now, “World of Bracelets” says this piece is Ersari Turkoman, “Splendour of Ethnic Jewellery” says Olam Turkoman.
I’ll demer and say both, I think Olam is an Ersari subtribe, anyway.

For its partner, sold seperately (check last image to see pair) then go to TC119 if it is still available.

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: L 74 mm x W 62 mm

Weight: 79 grams