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Old Islamic Coin Ring


This old bronze Islamic Period coin from Central Asia has been hand set into a Sterling Silver Ring for us in Indonesia.

The thin silver band and simple setting is decorated with a single reinforcing band of twisted silver wire, that adds an air of individuality and history with just a hint of "Navajo" (which is very irrelevant but some may enjoy to see it !)

We're not sure which coin this is but it has a very similar text to the “Genghis Khan Siege Coins" that we have, that actually date to 1221 AD (618 AH) when Genghis Khan's Troops swept through Central Asia ending many cultures and cities. Consequently many styles of ceramic and bronze were never made again as the cities that produced them had been obliterated.

1220 and 1221 AD weren’t very good years in Central Asia.

To see these coins and other coins set as rings or pendants, if there are any left (more are hopefully on their way from our Silversmiths who are setting them for us) just do a search on this site for Genghis.

This coin has survived being buried since then and has a dark earthy patina contrasting nicely with the bright new silver.

There is still some earthy residue that could eventually wash off if you're careless so avoid wetting it.
When this silver eventually oxidizes just give it a gentle polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth.

Don’t dip or polish the coins, you’ll only rub off the patina, revealing a fresh shiny copper underneath.

Remember, even when two coins have been struck from the same die, they vary.
This is because to produce a coin in ancient times a slug of red hot metal was struck between two engraved bronze dies.
The hot slug then squished out of shape between them, taking the detail onto its surface, deforming horizontally in the process.
Perfectly duplicated, matching designs and shapes indicate casting from a single original, which is not the case with these coins.

This stylishly plain ring is for a finger size “Q” to "R" with a little extra allowance, as the ring is not a full circle and soft flesh can be accomodated in the corners. (US )

The back of this ring has been left open so you can see that it is a real coin rather than a single sided copy.

Just wonderful for those who want something a little different, what a conversation starter….
or a perfect gift for your loved one.

Please note stock of these is very limited.

Other items like this ring can be found in either the Modern Jewellery section, as the Sterling Silver settings are modern. Or you may find some in Antiquities, because the coin is so old.


Age: Coin circa 13th-14th century, contemporary silver.

Size: Coin diam. 18 mm 

Weight: 10 grams