AUD $130.00

Old Oval Carnelian Ring

An interesting old ring with an oval domed "cabachon" Carnelian, set in worn, very plain and finely dented old silver with only two smoothed grooves as decoration in the tapering 7 mm band. 

Carnelian is fairly hard so it has seen a lot of wear to have received so many knocks and scratches for the stone to have lost its shine and acquired this mellow old matte surface. .  

If you decide to polish it just give it a light polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" just to wake it up,  when it eventually needs another rub.

This worn, organically smoothed silver if the epitomy of what we seek in an old Tribal Silver piece.

Age; Mid/Late 20th Century

Size Finger "R" (US 8.5) Stone L  16 x W 12 mm

Weight: 10 grams