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Old Pashtun, Beaded Choker

An old Silver and Glass beaded Pashtun (Nomad or Kuchi) Neck Choker. This is a better quality than the usual “gilit” (cheap nickel brass alloy) Kuchi wares that are sold on many Belly Dancing Sites (some of which are quite stunning and we often carry them in the shop) note here, the use of genuine old worn silver coins (not “gilit” copies..)

Incorporating a lovely “naive” mix of both translucent and opaque red and orange beads, and faceted translucent Red and Green Glass stones as highlights.

These are in turn framed by top and bottom borders of opaque mid blue, “protective” beads. Accross the blue beaded base, some worn old coins still bear the recognizable but very worn image of the Triumphal flag covered Arch, that denotes Pakistan.

These are all sewn on to an old fabric backing which shows old repairs and frayed signs of long wear. This would have done up, using the “Mother of Pearl” button that remains, and a cotton button loop, which doesn’t.
All that’s left is a frayed thread that may have been used to wind around the button.

A few (3) of the small green highlights are missing, and there are some stray threads.
All the fabric looks very old and worn.
And the reverse has so many crossed threads where the front details have been attached.
A secondary brown thread indicates a later repair.

I’ve washed and disinfected this piece, as it was very grimy, now it just looks “romantically old”, and it doesn’t need any more washing.

It could easily be worn with a little adaptation, or would make a lovely display piece, as is.

“Kuchi” means “moving or nomad” and is not a specific Tribal group, this piece is I think probably Pashtun from either side of the Afghan/Pakistani border, borders are fluid to nomads who have their own maps.

Age: Mid 20 th Century.

Size: L 325 mm (excluding end thread) x H 81 mm.

Weight: 213 grams.