AUD $98.00

Old Pashtun, Silver Ring.

A very, very worn old Silver Pashtun Ring.

This is one of the “special” very old rings, that we occassionally are able to source.

It’s “special” in that it is very worn, with a lot of silver and detail worn off completely.

This very worn pattern of what were spirals now reduced to residual rings and mellow smoothing of any decorative details on the band, are the romantic elements reflecting the age and previous history of long wear of this ring.

In fact, only the marks and nicks left from old knocks are all that “decorate” this now otherwise plain band.

It’s very hard finding and rescuing pieces like this, that are so worn, that if not rescued they would have been condemned to be melted down to be remade as new pieces.

So worn as to visually be at their best, but still sturdy enough to be wearable.

It’s difficult getting this balance of obvious age and wear, combined with durability, just right.

To fit a finger Size “R” (US 8.75)

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: Finger “R” (US 8.75)

Weight: 7 grams.