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Old Red Coral Neck

Sorry, this old coral neck is no longer available. However if you are after it we may be able to make another.

Genuine Old Red Coral sourced in Pakistan, with all the subtle colour variations you get with time. Retrieved from Tribal sources these beads have been long worn, some have altered there shape through constant rubbing and wear. This Coral has been valued and sort after by all Central Asian cultures, Tibet used to import it from Ancient Rome before Christ and the tradition has continued down over the millenia.
They aren’t uniform machine made “round beads” and I deliberately try to retain the irregularity and variation, that lovely naive feel of them when I thread them. Bearing this in mind, notice they can look a little “higgeldy piggeldy” in the photo but settle neatly on the neck. (I actually thread them tight to compensate for the slight stretching that takes place over time.)
Combined here with very fine granulated 22ct gold beads (between the small turquoises) and fine 22ct gold plated sterling silver beads and “s” hook, for closure.

The harvesting of new Red Coral is frowned on as it is destroying the reefs and the Red Coral is becoming scarcer. The Chinese are dying dead white coral a very bright red, called “Bamboo Coral”, this explains the larger pieces that have come on the market in the last decade. Bamboo Coral can be fun to wear but the colour is unstable and fades, when not actually staining clothing.

We here understand the rarity of Old Red Coral and are very excited to have accessed some. I’ve securely threaded them onto Tiger Tail which is the strongest Thread I’ve found, but be warned, it kinks if you scrunch it so don’t scrunch it up or store it carelessly. Whilst I’ve rejected beads that are too worn and fragile, please remember that Coral won’t stand up to unneccessarily careless treatment.

Length including ‘S’ hook; 49 cm

Weight: 31 grams