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Old Red Coral & Silver Necklace.

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This gentle necklace combines recycled genuine old Red Coral, retrieved from Pakistan and Northern India, with handmade sterling silver and a central "kazak" style brass and silver bead from Northern Afghanistan.

This delightfully mid coloured old Red Coral is becoming rare and is now hard to get, we've been very lucky sourcing what we have. And these pieces have been selected trying to match size, shape, colour and grain, without becoming too slavish over it, as then the necklace can lose its life and become boring. The two midling pieces both have an interesting pitted texture, that I chose specifically to enhance both the age and "tribalness" of the overall necklace.

Adding a hint of "gold" the centrepiece is an ovoid brass bead decorated with applied wedges of stamped silver "false granulation" in the classic Kazak style. Though not made in Kazakhstan, these beads were collected in Northern Afghanistan where they were recently made by refugee silkversmiths who have settle there working in Traditional styles and techniques.

Most of the sterling silver beads are from Thailand and the small dotty spacers, used here to frame the Coral, are handmade in Indonesia.

I've used durable multi stranded Tiger Tail for the central threaded section, which is the strongest I can get, however DON'T stretch or scrunch it as you can irrepairably kink it if you do.

I haven't oxidized/darkened the sterling silver chain to age it. But later when it does oxidize a bit, it will respond well to a gentle polishing lengthwise with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" but don't stretch it by rubbing too hard. I'd be selective polishing the beads and coin as you don't want to remove all the age. (for this reason avoid liquid cleaners!)

Age: Contemporary using antique and newer pieces.

Size: L 488 mm x W 13 mm.

Weight: 21 grams.