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Old Silver and Orange Tassels

Here are a bunch of orange, magenta and purple cotton tassels with bands and tips of tiny white glass beads for protection against the Evil Eye.
Some silk floss has been used in the binding adding extra glow but carefully colour matched to the cotton.
But the treasure of this piece is the use of very old (most likely antique, as they are very worn and knocked) silver beads, very oxidized ones at that.
From one loop at the top at the first tassel it divides into three at the next tassels they divide into drops ending in nine tassels.
Very decorative, colourful and bright, but not tacky like the modern tinsel sort.

Great for just hanging on furniture, a wall or from a key in a chest or could be used sewn onto an outfit or bag, even for “belly dancing.”

If you find them too bright hang them in sunlight to fade them to your taste, supervise and rotate them though, one couple used to use them as blind pulls in windows.

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: H 380 mm x 250 mm (fanned out)

Weight: 160 grams.