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Ordos, Rectangular Bronze Plaque.

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This wonderful rectangular cast bronze plaque, from the Ordos Culture in southern Mongolia, dates back to the building of the first Great Wall of China.

Against a background of trees, two topless men wrestle between two facing horses. A closer look shows their long straight hair, bared torsoes and trousers with rolled waists, rather similar to modern Turkish wrestlers, note the placement of the hands. The attendant horses are saddled and wear fine trappings.

Similar plaques are noted as "belt buckles" and "belt plaques" however this one has no means of attachment other than through the openwork holes in the design. (However these are assymetric and would therefore not offer a very balanced or secure belt fitting for a nomadic horseman.)

Thr bronze has a rich dark brown patina with some residual encrustation from long burial.

There appears to be no damage or scratches to either face, although a few of the highest raised surfaces/details appear to have been rubbed revealing some of the worn bronze beneath.

Age: Circa 4th - 1st Century B.C.

Size: W 111 mm x H 57 mm (including stand H 75 mm.)

Weight: 109 grams (including stand 192 grams.)