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Oval Polychrome Jasper Ring

Sorry, this wonderful ring has gone to a new home, and is no longer available. 

A stylishly, plain modern Sterling Silver Ring individually handmade to accomodate and show off a wide oval, softly domed Polychrome Jasper in a shaded milky olive/grey, with a pale oatmeal bands confining two areas of burnt sienna. These areas have a a shaded spattering of tiny dots adding a texture that implies "fossilized" Cheetah fur (when you handle it you'll understand, I think it's exceptional, but we all have our own favourites !

The rounded, broad (8 mm) band will comfortably fit a finger sized "P" (US 7.75)

Feel free to polish the silver with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" when you feel the need.

This stone is sometimes refered to as "Desert Jasper" and is probably originally from Madagascar. Being a milky stone (like Turquoise) it's not a tough as a clear stone (the clearer they are the tougher they are, like Diamonds) so don't treat it badly.

The rings were made for us after each of these stones was specifically chosen for it's individual restrained beauty, for someone with taste who doesn't want it loud.

I don't know when or if I'll be able to find these stones again.

Age: Contemporary

Size: Stone L 30 mm x W 22 mm, to fit a finger sized "P" (US 7.75)

Weight: 15 grams