AUD $72.00

Pakistani, Child's Hat

A small, fully embroidered child’s skullcap from Sindh, in southern Pakistan,
or possibly Gujurat, in India.
Covered in fine chain stitch designs, using variopus coloured cottons on a purplish/ magenta cotton ground,
and tiny “shisha” mirrors, to scare away “the Evil Eye”.
To alter, or enlarge, this hat a wedge of the same magenta/purple cotton has been inserted
and embroidered in sympathetic colours, although rather roughly compared to the care
applied to the original.

A rather sweet little item, there’s something neat and complete about children’s hats.
They make great collectables.
This one is in almost excellent condition, except a few mirrors are cracked.
(but that’s never stopped me from buying them.)

Was bought in Bhuj, Gujurat in the early nineties.
That’s before the 2001 earthquake, which devastated the region.
Back before all the embroideries got chopped up, again in the early nineties,
to make patchwork items for sale to the West.

After that older pieces became much harder to find.

Age: Late 20th Century

Size: Diameter approximately 150 mm, including gusset x H 90 mm

Weight: 37 grams