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Pakistani, Silver Bells & Glass Choker

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This composite “coin silver” choker from Pakistan, has both faceted coloured glasses and flat Carnelians, surrounded by a fringe of little silver bells on chains.
The main crescent is heavily textured with complicated raised borders, along the upper edge small translucent red and green faceted glass alternate, (one towards the centre is missing, but takes an effort to find.)
Two raised rosettes house what I consider classic Pashtun faceted translucent red glasses and between these are two flat, round Carnelians. The fact that these Carnelians have no scratches, to me, means the piece is not terribly old, although generally it has had some wear.
I think nearly all the bells are present, I saw one missing, either way there are lots present.
They also have a pleasant light jingle.

The gap is mm wide, but there is no stretch, so don’t try.
If that gap is feasible, then relax, raise your chin and approach from the side, touch the back of the neck and swing the gap in an arch towards your throat. It’s surprisingly easy if it’s going to happen.

Unusually, highlights have been picked out in a red and deep green lacquer, most has worn off, the little remaining adding a tinge of colour. This picks up and compliments the tiny red and green stones in the border.

I’ve recently given it a light polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth to pick up the silver highpoints.

Also, I’m being vague about its origins, I’ve always said it’s Pashtun, but it may not be.
Once again it looks great on and that’s what seems to matter most.

We may still have a few similar pieces, to see them try searching for "choker" on this site.

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: W 23 mm, including loosely spread bells x H 195 mm, dangling bells included.

Weight: 270 grams.