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Pashtun, Beaded Serving Cloth.

Sorry this amazing cloth is no longer available.

A thoroughly beaded Pashtun serving cloth (mat) for laying on the floor (rug) in front of a guest to serve them food.

Assuming they would traditionally be using gaudy floral “Gardner Ware” teapots and bowls on this beaded surface, the effect must have been startling!
(we may still have some of these “Gardner Ware” pieces, to see them just search teapots.)

An intricately woven net of tiny glass seed beads, in a well conceived pattern of columns of “ram’s horns” motifs and a repeated _"tree of life" design.
Cleverly combining many colours of translucent and opaque glass seed beads, all defined by a theme of opaque white beads spread throughout.
These either form the overall motif or serve as a white background.
The effect is quite vibrant as the positive and negative fields compete, as your reality shifts like an Escher drawing.
Fringed in hand twisted fringe, each ending in a tiny mid blue glass bead (to ward off the “Evil Eye,” of course.)

In use I think it would be laid horizontally, presenting a long side to the honoured guest.
However three gold braid loops along one short end, indicate that it was hung vertically as decor, when not in use.
To rehang it, and avoid sagging, I would thread a painted dowel through these loops to support it evenly during hanging.
There are four added tassels, on at each corner, the two longer ones at the top, and two shorter at the bottom
(one of which has lost half its length.)

This is the best beaded piece I’ve seen, reminding me of the best of Ndebele aprons,
but far more energetically patterned.

Something to tempt the avid bead collector or interior designer, see also  matching wallets (AW100 and AW101).

In very good condition, except a tiny area of wear on the fringe.

Note: This piece is quite heavy and would require equivalent postage.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: L 640 mm x W 520 mm

Weight: 1532 grams (that’s just over 1.5 kilos!)