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Pashtun, Domed Pendant.

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Here’s a round, almost hemisherical, embossed silver alloy Pashtun Pendant, with dangles and a central carnelian surrounded by faceted coloured glass inserts.
Ten stamped flowers around the base disguise rings attaching “S” hooks which suspend 2 or 3 chains with hollow diamond dangles.
The suspension ring at the top is 6 mm and will take a cord or chain comfortably, possibly a thin to medium silver choker.
One “S” hook in the centre is a replacement, having a slightly larger “sun disc”.
I think this is because the ring on the pendant has worn through, it’s now pressed closed and is quite servicable but not perfect. During that accident the original “S” may have been damaged.

The silver alloy is fairly low Coin Silver about 70%, but not as low as “gilit” which usually contains brass and nickel.
There is a verdigris green copper stain on the back, so there’s a bit of copper in the mix.
Three of the twelve glass inserts are long gone and not immediately noticeable.
It responds well to a light polish with a silver polishing cloth.

From memory we once had a identical one to this that was sourced in Ethiopia, this one is from Pakistan, evidence perhaps,of the other trade routes that still supply East Africa.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size:H 125 mm x W 80 mm (including dangles) Diameter 70 mm.

Weight: 54 grams.