AUD $96.00

Pashtun, Ear Hoops with Dangles.

A simple pair of smallish Tribal Hoops wtih two dangling silver bells, and 15 chain dangles with hollow silver "diamond" ends.

They have a row of tiny "Evil Eye" blue glass beads threaded on coton through the top ring of dangles (there may have been a second row around the bottom, but if so it would have dulled the faint jinging of the dangles.)

The silver has a smooth, olivey grey-pewter patina, which has taken a long time to build up, so it would be better, once again, to refrain from polishing them. (If you're very, very careful you might use a dry Silver Polishing Cloth to bring up individual highlights. It would be too easy, though, to carelessly rub them to pieces! Dipping is a no - no !)

They're in good contition except the fine silver wire wrap on one hoop is missing and on the other loose at on end. If it worries you then you could remove it, but it's a minimal difference, so I'd leave it.

The hoops are not very thick, but thicker than an ordinary earwire, about 1.63 mm (14 gauge.)

I'll call them Pashtun, broadly speaking, but they may not be, athough they're from that general area.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: H 82 mm including dangles x W 19 mm. Hoop width 20 mm.

Weight: 30 grams.