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Pashtun, Embroidered Wallet.

Sorry, this wallet is no longer available. 

This is a more traditional folding and tying Pashtun embroidered wallet, from the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Covered in brightly contrasting yellow chain stitch on a deep purple cotton ground, with small opaque blue glass beads around the edges to distract the ever lurking "Evil Eye", but if that's not enough the brilliance of the lining would have to scare it away!

These heavily embroidered pouches are somewhere between the traditional rolling Tobacco Pouch and our folding wallet. But rather than the more Western "press stud" of more touristy pieces, these fold, wrap and tie to be poked into a belt or sash.

They make a very colourful and sympathetic wrap for giving Tribal Earrings and pieces or just somewhere to keep your "zills"!

Of course they look great just lying around, too.

I've been told that the silver braid is often added to older pieces to tart them up for sale, however this isn't that old more around the turn of the century as we've had it (them) a while waiting to get onto this site.

Feel free, of course, to embellish the tie with your own choice of glass beads or bells.

Age: Late 20th/Early 21st Century.

Size: L 293 mm (not including cord) x W 113 mm

Weight:  50 grams.