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Pashtun, Old Silver and Glass Ring

Sorry, this delightful old ring has begun its next journey, and is no longer available.

We may have other old rings still available, though.

A very, very worn old silver and red glass Pashtun ring.

This is one of the “special” very old rings, that we occasionally are able to source.

It’s “special” in that it is very worn, with a lot of silver and detail completely worn off .

The oval glass is a deep red, shallow dome or “cabachon” which has received so many scratches and knocks that it now has a matte surface.

This very worn stone, the erosion of the silver “bezel” and mellow smoothing of the decorative details on the band, are the romantic elements reflecting the age and previous history of long wear of this ring.

It’s very hard finding and rescuing pieces like this, ones that are so worn, that if not rescued they would have been condemned to be melted down to be remade as new pieces.
So worn as to visually be at their best, but still sturdy enough to be wearable.

It’s difficult getting this balance of obvious age and wear, combined with durability, just right.

Fascinating to imagine just where its been in its various migrations, romances and hardships.

To fit a finger of about Size “M” (US 6) not being perfectly round it’s a little difficult to be precise.

Each of these old tribal rings is an individual, choose the one you love and if it gets onto your hand, you’ll be right.
As fingers swell and shrink with the heat and weather conditions, these factors will decide which of your fingers is the correct one, at any given time.

Of course you can always use a bit of black cotton to do minor reductions…..

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: “M” (US 6)

Weight: 6 grams.