AUD $110.00

Pashtun, Old Silver and Glass Ring

A very, very worn old silver and multi coloured glass Pashtun ring.

From the border regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, either village or nomad, borders mean nothing.

This is one of the “special” very old rings, that we occassionally are able to source.

It’s “special” in that it is very worn, with a lot of silver and detail worn off completely.

The central flat magenta glass eye is surrounded by small deep green, blue and red, shallow domes or “cabachons” which have received so many scratches and knocks that they now have a matte surface.
One stone is missing at one end, at a glance the dark cavity contrasting with the claws looks like a stone.
It’s long gone and part of the character of the ring.
I’d leave it as it is unless, of course, you can find both a sympathetic stone and a sympathetic Jeweller to help you.

These very worn “stones”, the erosion of the silver details, mellow smoothing of the claws, and the missing stone are all romantic elements reflecting the age and previous history of long wear of this ring.

It’s very hard rescuing pieces like this, that are so worn, that if not rescued they would have been condemned to be melted down to be remade as new pieces.

So worn as to visually be at their best, but still sturdy enough to be wearable.
I wouldn’t wear it bathing as there is a “muddy” residue in between the stones, I don’t know what it is but it adds to the character, so don’t wash it off.

It’s difficult getting this balance of obvious age and wear, combined with durability, just right.

To fit a finger of about Size “N” (US 17.5) not being perfectly round it’s a little difficult to be precise. As it’s squarish try it on diamond, then turn it back to square once you’re over the knuckle.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size:“N” (6.5)

Weight: 8 grams.