AUD $130.00

Pashtun, Colourful Silver Earhooks.


Really nice silver earhooks, with bright green and yellow plastic reflective "mirrored" discs set into a round silver bead, with spiral silver designs  and wire looped claws clasping larged faceted red glass stones.

Ringed with small silver knobs and up the shaft of the hook wound with bound wire filigree, they're very wild, almost "pop dalek" tribal (!)

The ball may rotate slightly giving the chance of the green and yellow stones not always lining up together, but I think this will just add to their appeal and mesmerizing abilities! Certainly not for the introvert!

The hook is pretty thick, probably not too thick for a long experienced ear, being just about 2.5 mm. (that's about  12 gauge.)

Nice relaxed patina, but could happily respond to a light polish, with a dry cloth, to pick up the highlights, whilst leaving the patina in the dents and grooves. (there are a few minor knocks and dents, that go with age, otherwise in good condition.)

Age: Mid/Late 20 th Century.

Size: W 20 mm x H 52 mm

Weight: 32 grams.