AUD $220.00

Pashtun, Elaborate Silver Earhooks.


Really nice pair of elaborate silver earhooks, each with twenty jingly silver bells, hanging from a circular disc with tube. All swinging beneath a stylized silver flower made of stamped and applied circles, these surrounding a central embossed flower. The bells have a light rattly jingle multiplied by a factor of 40!

Surprizingly to support these the hook is not too thick, for all but beginners, being just about 1.6mm. (about  14 gauge.) But with all these jingly embellishments they are not light to wear, be warned, they weigh in at about 92 grams. That's about 46 grams per ear, hmmm.)

Nice relaxed pewtery patina, but could happily respond to a very careful light polish, with a fresh dry silver polishing cloth, to pick up the highlights, whilst leaving the patina in the dents and grooves. (there are a few minor knocks and dents, that go with age, otherwise in good condition.)

They seem to have all their bits except one small "petal" is missing at 8 o'clock on one of the "flowers" (I've just found it when matching the photos, so once again it's not too obvious, especially when worn on the outside away from the cheek.)

When you receive them, check the back, isn't the construction intriguing? I especially like the primitive wrapping on the dangles.

See also PE114, if they are still available, for a slightly smaller but very similar pair.

Age: Mid/Late 20 th Century.

Size:  H 42 mm x W 82 mm

Weight: 92 grams.