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Pashtun, Silver Prayer Box.

An old cylindrical silver Pashtun Prayerbox, worn as jewellery and designed to contain a Muslim prayer, for protection and good fortune.

The ends are hemispherical closely resembling the “snuff bottles” we have. (in their case designed to comfortably tuck into clothing or sash belts.)

This hollow tube with seperate lid at one end, is designed with two loops to be worn on a cord around the neck.
In the “west” we might use a chain as the 4.5 mm hole would comfortably accomodate either a cord or a chain (too wide for a silver choker though.)

The lid is a firm fit, just gently twist then pull and has a 4.5 mm loop through which the cord secures it.

The surface has raised beaten designs spiralling round the cylinder, both decorating and reinforcing the tube overall.

These would respond to a gentle polish with a silver polishing cloth, but not a dip!
Currently they have a mellow deep grey patina shading the recesses, with light “pewter” on the highlights.

As these actually open and can contain a prayer, they are technically prayer boxes.

Another form that evolved from these, often worn as units in jewellery, is the “false prayer box” which doesn’t open and therefore cannot contain a prayer.
This would seem to defeat its purpose but luckily “ill fortune” doesn’t hang around long enough to check if it opens or not.

These prayer boxes, we have another, appear to be Pashtun, possibly from The Swat Valley.

We may still have a few similar pieces, to see them try searching for "prayer box" on this site.

Age: Mid 20 th Century.

Size: L 87 mm x Diam. 18 mm.

Weight: 22 grams.