AUD $88.00

Pashtun, Silver Toiletry Kit.

Human needs are all the same and for a Nomad in the border regions of Aghanistan or Pakistan, with no pockets, it makes a lot of sense to wear your personal toiletry kit on your person as jewellery. Rather like a Western "chatelaine" where keys are worn at the waist, these two tools move independently, each swivelling from a suspension ring at top.

Here you have an ear spoon and manicure pick both for scraping out smal spaces, practical, but like all the Pashtun pieces there is a heavy accent on decoration. And, of course, there are bright reflective colours and jingly bells to scare away the ever lurking "Evil Eye"

Although it's quite still practical and not immediately obvious but over time half these bells and chains have disappeared.

It can easilly be worn suspended as a "jiggly" pendant, on a fine chain or cord, the suspension ring is pretty small, about 2.5 mm.

The coloured plastic mirror is, I assume, a replacement as the silver is fairly and appears quite a bit older.

It has a nicely worn dark patina and would respond well to an occassional careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" but be extra careful of the bells and chains (one bell is damaged if you look closely, having quite a decent "character mark")

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century

Size: H 81 mm x W 74 mm (laid down and slightly spread)

Weight: 25 gms.