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Pashtun, Silver Wire Cuff.

Sorry, this amazing cuff is no longer available. (You've got to be quick, I only got it onto our site late yesterday and it's not yet midday !)

 An openwork conical Tribal Silver Cuff constructed with a silver frame filled in with many parrallel wires decorated with applied bands of embossed stamped tree and flower designs.

We have had a pair of these however we only have one remaining.

I assume this piece is Pashtun from the Northwest Frontier (Pakistan Afghanistan border regions) as we collected it in Peshawar before it was too dangerous to go there. (But it may have travelled prior to meeting us.)

We haven't polished it but if you're careful using a dry Silver Polishing Cloth you can bring up the raised designs contrasting them with the darker recesses of the designs beautifully.

It  has a little give to it BUT DON'T STRETCH IT as you may alter or stretch it irrepairably through bad technique !

The opening is 24mm but will gently stretch to 28 mm, to allow you to wriggle a limp wrist into it but don't force it, if you clench or strain your tendons tighten making it more difficult. 

Being conical it measures 117 mm up the arm and is 59 mm x 50 mm accross the narrow end (which would be your wrist at the hand.) Further up your arm it's 78 mm x 69 mm at the wide end.



Age: Late 20th Century, possibly earlier.

Size: L 117 mm x W 78 mm

Weight: 134 grams.