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Pashtun, Spiral Wrist Cuff.

This charming wristcuff is no longer available. 

Here's a tapered Pashtun Silver Spiral Wrist, almost snake like in its function, wrapping around a fairly slender wrist and tapering up the forearm.

It's one of a near pair, that is the difference is very minor and you could happily wear the two without anyone noticing. (For its pair see PS114, remembering they are being sold seperately.) 

The tear shaped finials have a stamped plain silver palmate design, flanked by a rosette of small round pale blue glass beads (obviously to deflect the Evil Eye. (One of these small blue glass Turquoise substitutes, is missing leaving a black recess and if you look closely another glass is incomplete, which isn't that obvious, perhaps we're looking too closely.)

The design of this wrist is actually quite flexible and with gentle unrolling would allow careful readjustment.

The silver has a gentle patina, darker in the recesses, that would respond well to a careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth".

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: L 120 mm x W 66 mm, at the big end, W 52 mm at the small.

Weight: 150 grams.