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Pashtun, Thick Silver Earhoops.


Traditional Uighar hoops from the border regions of Western China, wayout West on the Silk Route, somewhere like Kashgar for instance.

These are quite thick Tribal Coin Silver, only for very experienced holes, trust me.
They’re about 2.05 mm thick, ( that's about 12 gauge) you gently disengage them, then gently bend them SIDEWAYS to open, gently closing them the same way.
NEVER pull the circle out of shape, “keep the circle, opening it sideways and back,” for minimal wear/stress, on the hoop.
(They have a blunt/untapered end so their entry is sudden, experienced Tribal Girls suggest the aid of Vaseline, for easier penetration.
Some even apply them from the rear, they’ll try anything to solve a problem, just call it "Tribal Ingenuity."
I suggest you close your eyes to make it easier to see what you're doing. It helps.)

The Nomad’s, not trusting bank’s or anybody else, for that matter, wear more than one in the same hole, as banking, when they can afford to, then selling some off as the need arises.
But that’s what Nomad/Tribal Jewellery is all about, her personal/portable wealth and it’s added Amuletic protection.

These hoops feature many spiral filigree flowers, as decoration, each with a raised ball in the centre, on a semi circular disc covering the lower half of the hoop. 
Very worn mellow ones at that.

I've given them a light polish to bring up the highpoints (gently using a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth") however the background and recesses still reveal their real age.

I’ve seen hoops like these polished up by a Silversmith, shocking as it was, (see polishing), the result was, to some people, quite stunning! These have a lovely tone, of mellow wear and are very individual and stylish, just the metal, no stones.
They are in good condition for their age, pretty well intact but on closer inspection are quite knocked around. Across the top there are some delightfully knocked and squashed shapes, these would have been hollow spheres, so as nice as these are they may have been even more impressive in their heyday. But that was long ago, I'm told the Uighar are now wearing more smaller gold items and considering old silver designs old fashioned. (How terribly sad.)

So if you’re stylish, and have worn bigger earrings in your youth, think about these, they’re REAL hoops with a smooth, earthy character. (Not for youthfully inexperienced lobes, it takes time.)

Check, also, if we have any variations available TE236 may still be available.

Age: Mid 20th century.

Size: W 45mm x H 59mm

Weight: 29 grams.