AUD $180.00

Pashtun, Turquoise Gilt Earrings.

An enchantingly old pair of silver Pashtun earrings with small turquoise glass cabachons (beads) in a few shades of pale blue, mixed with stamped gilt silver shapes. These stamped designs have ancient origins such as the Sun at the top.

The silver has a fairly dark patina, check the reverse to see how knocked and old they really are.

I've called them earrings but technically they are a hook, all in one piece.

This Tribal silver (probably less than sterling) hook for the ear, is thicker than a “normal” size, but not drastically, measuring about 1 mm. (18 g)


Age: Mid/Late Century.

Size: H 71 mm x W 20 mm.

Weight: 21 grams