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Pendant, Antique Tibetan Turquoise.

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A flat, dark green, Antique Tibetan Turquoise bead, set in to a plain Sterling Silver Pendant, with attached suspension ring.

Very restrained deep Olive dots of Turquoise, enmeshed in a web of basalt grey matrix.

This organic subtlety is raised and framed within a plain Sterling Silver rectangle, with rounded corners, that contains and defines it cleanly.

In Tibet and neighbouring Himalayan cultures (heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and earlier Bon beliefs) Turquoise is worn as protection against Demons and misfortune.
(This and Coral are worn if possible at all times, as a minimum. Much more if it’s a Festival or Holy day!)

Bright sky blues are prefered, worn as beads, set into jewellery or even sewn directly onto clothing.

Check out the “perak” serpent headresses worn by successful business women in Ladakh, to show their status, and store their banking, they can wear upto 30 kgs of flat Turquoise beads sewn onto their “peraks”.

When they need cash they sell some of their beads, replenishing them when next they make a profit.

These flat beads are valued in the West for their mature, darker colour produced by the absorbtion of smoke, grease and grime, into the slightly porous stone over time.

They are refered to as “Antique” when actually meaning old and well worn, not specifically over a 100 years old.

Once they are old, reused and well worn, it’s very hard to put an actual age to them.

Sliced in half lengthwise, they can then be set into silver or gold for us to wear as rings or pendants.
(If you look at the reverse image you can see the groove that remains of the hole that was drilled from both ends, in the original bead.)

No maintenence required, other than an occasional rub with a Silver Polishing Cloth, the stone itself doesn’t need any polishing.

Remember, though, that Turquoise does not like chemical cleaners or warm, soapy water as any of these can affect the colour, in this case by washing out the grease!

Handmade for us in Kathmandu, carefully custom set to reveal the form of the stone without smothering it.

Age: Antique Turquoise in Contemporary Silver.

Size: W 20 mm x H 32 mm

Weight: 4 grams.