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Pendant, Trilobite Fossil

Sorry, this Trilobite is no longer available. In fact, I believe he has found his life partner and agreed to change his name to Theo. Isn’t it enough to make you wonder why you’ve got earlobes!

Here we have a beautifully fossilized, and cleaned, more than 250, 000, 000 year old Trilobite.

Trilobites are a large group of extinct marine arthropods, that first appeared in the Early Cambian Era,
540 million years ago
and finally reached their end in the mass extinction of the Paleozoic Era,
about 250 million years ago.
They were extinct long, long before the Dinosaurs evolved and died in their turn.

I can’t imagine a more masculine piece than this, apart from it’s genuine age
(definitely not some mass produced casting)
it’s so Giger that you can see he must have been influenced by them.
In fact, it feels like it has come from some distant Alien history,
which I suspose it really has.

Take a close look, and check out the detail of this extinct creature turned to glossy black stone.
You can even pick out the tiny pincer toes.
Sadly, some can’t see the magic, but the rest of us will recognise it straight away.

A friend of ours sources these wonderful specimens, dating back to one of the great mass extinctions, then uses his lapidary skills to clean and prepare them individually (finer details like antennae and legs seldom survive in the fossil) before getting them hand set for him in Bali, in stylish modern Sterling settings.

He uses refined designs that in no way compete with the detail of the subject,
in this case a simple “single step” oval mount with a 5 mm suspension hole.
The reverse is left open so you can also see the rear view, revealing the complete piece, thereby verifying it’s complete fidelity.

We’re hoping for another delivery of these soon, but each one is individual,
and supply is never guaranteed. So don’t hold your breath, waiting.

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Age: Contemporary, that is, including a genuine piece that’s at least 250 million years old.

Size: H 51 mm x W 22 mm.

Weight: 13 grams.