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Persian, 24ct Gold Bird Earrings

Sorry, but these stunningly "byzantine" earrings are no longer available.

A marvelous pair of 24 ct gold 19th or Early 20th Century Qajar Dynasty Persian Earrings. (I'm being conservative in assessing their age, so they may be older, much older or made perhaps as a revival like Castellanis work.)

Constructed of very fine handmade filigree "palmate" rosettes and tiny granulated detailing with a central pair of opposing birds. (I can't identify these birds which face each other with their beaks just touching, they're possibly doves or ducks.) There is slight damage to the faces of one pair of birds and some of the protruding "knobs" or "bosses" need slight straightening, the main body of one has received a knock causing a light compression, however the overall design is so breath taking with all their historical referances that such slight damage is to be expected and only adds to their history.

There are two faces to these earrings, so they can be worn plain side visible oe the reverse has extra raised knobs on the main surface. The images will easily explain this added feature.

The approximately 1.02 mm earwire is fairly thick (about 16 gauge) and has a tight curve at the tip that will restrict those who can wear them, however your jeweller will be able to straighten these for you.

Please Note: This pair of earrings will not be kept at the shop, so if you want to see them you'll need to make a prior appointment with us.

Age: Late 19th/Early 20th Century.

Size: H 62 mm x W 58 mm x D 14 mm

Weight: 51 grams