AUD $1,800.00

Persian, Antique Silver Anklets.

A pair of 16th – 17th Century, hollow Silver Anklets from Persia, or neighbouring countries.

These hollow tapering, vaguely circular anklets, (penunnular or moonlike crescents) the “circle” sealed by a feature cube, with truncated corners, decorated with punched designs.

The old silver has oxidized heavily over the centuries and was very dark, when it was roughly cleaned or polished sometime ago.
It has since had time to darken again, but not severely. So it wasn’t a recent polish nor was it ancient.
The silver still bears darker stains and has an old tone to it.

These are in remarkable condition with only one minor (1 cm) split in an inside seem, (see third image) it disappears is relevance when compared to what might have happened to it. (They didn’t get crushed, heavily corroded or scraped during digging, so they’re in pretty good condition considering ..)

I’m assuming these won’t be worn, but if you were too, they are not very heavy and may never have been designed to be comfortable.
As a complete “circle” they would have slid over the foot and heal before reaching the ankle, where they would probably have hindered walking.

Age: Circa 16th – 17th Century

Size: L 146 mm x W 120 x Depth 25 mm

Weight: 155 grams the pair, about 77 grams each.