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Persian, Carnelian Seal Ring


Sorry, this ring is no longer available.
Here's a cast silver "Persian" seal ring, set with an oval deep orange/red Carnelian, engraved with a King's head. The silver is inscribed with finely detailed linework contrasting with strong architectural elements. I've read that these rings are based on Seljuk designs dating back to the 12th century AD.

The solid raised boxy bezel holding the seal sits well on the finger, in this case about a size "O+" (US 7 +) finger.

The economically engraved stone measures 11 mm across and  18 mm long, I doubt it's very old but there is always that possibilty. Regardless of age  though, the overall feeling is one of historic romance.

The silver had a mild pewter patina that happily responds to a gentle polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth. (I've taken the liberty of carefully polishing it to bring up the details, leaving some of the patina in the grooves and corners.)


Age: Late last century.

Size: Finger "O+" (US 7+) not a circular ring, so there is a bit of extra space in the corners.

Weight: 14 grams.