AUD $600.00

Persian, Enamelled Glass Vase.

This charming 18th Century Persian fluted "ruby glass" vase decorated with applied gilt line and polychrome enamelled sprays of blossoms, isn't what it seems.

It isn't actually "Ruby Glass" well not the righly glowing translucent one we're used to in the West, this one is a hand painted coating of semi translucent pomegranate or liver coloured glass over a core of opaque white glass. (It closely resembles the "burgundy white heart" trade beads that we now retrieve from all the Tribes whence they were traded long ago from Europe and China. This resemblance is real as the agent required in both to produce red glass is gold and to save money it was applied as a surface layer rather than throughout.) 

Standing on a round sculpted base this fluted vase has been pinched at the top, whilst hot, to produce four lobes. (These are useful in seperating individual blooms.)

It's in remarkably good condition with only a few tiny scratches and a little of the gilding is worn. Under the base the white core is revealed where the red has been removed in its manufacture.

 Age: Late 17th - 18th Century.

Size: H162 mm x W 69 mm.

Weight: 187 grams.