AUD $98.00

Persian, Evil Eye Agate Ring.


 A greyish white, beige and tan Banded Agate cut to show off its "Evil Eye" motif, which stares at the world forcing Evil to avert its eye thereby protecting its wearer.

These banded "Evil Eye" stones have been valued and worn since antiquity long before the Civilisations of Mesopotamis and the Indus Valley. Banded agates cut in the Indus Valley were traded faraway to the edges of the Mediterranean and are the ancestors of the Tibetan "TZI" beads.

The design is Persian with the eye set in silver with a heavily engraved and embossed wide band.  It may be Persian or might probably have been made by refugee silversmiths in Aghanistan, working in their traditional designs.

The silver has a soft shine contrasting with the darker engraving, if you want to increase the contrast, then give it a careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" occasionally.

For a finger about size " Q" (US 8.25 )

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: Height of stone 12 mm, finger size "Q" (US 8.25)

Weight: 15 grams