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Persian, Glazed Ceramic Oil Lamp.

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An Islamic Period turquoise glazed ceramic Oil Lamp, circa 12th to 14th Century and most likely from Persia.

It's rather clunky compared to the refinement of bronze oil lamps of this period, but that's the nature of the medium, and this would have catered to a lower price bracket. (The raised decoration and glaze would raised it above the lowest market, though.)

Sitting flat on a solid base and extended spout, there was no fear of knocking it over and starting a fire.

The rather primitive handle however still allowed an easy grip and some portability.

The upper surface was dipped in a pale "turquoise" glaze that has now taken on a pearlescent tone, possibly from long burial.

This glaze has begun to flake slightly, mainly from the raised scrolls that encircle the circular mouth, into which the oil was poured.

It's hard to tell if there are any chips or damage as the glaze has lifted here and there, generally diguising any chips, as such.

I can't find any actual breaks, not even disguised repairs, (there is some encrustation and earth but not the usual "disguising" mud) so I think it's actually intact and therefore in pretty good condition.

The spout is slightly blackened at the tip but this is where the wick would have burnt.

Age: 12th - 14th Century AD.

Size: L 150 mm x W 70 mm x H 76 mm.

Weight: 312 grams.