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Persian, Islamic Script Ring.

Sorry, this interesting little ring is no longer available.

Here's a cast silver 8 pointed Persian "signet" ring, inscribed with talismanic formulae or Koranic text. (On closrer inspection they may cast them as blanks and engrave them as needed with different texts? As the engraving marks are visible when the image is blown up.)

The solid compactness of the design sits well on the finger, in this case a size "N" (US 6.5) finger.

The face measures 23 mm accross and has a mild pewter patina that would happily respond to a gentle polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth.

I've read that these are based on Seljuk designs dating back to the 12th century AD

Age: Late last century.

Size: Finger "N" (US 6.5 mm)

Weight: 12 grams.