AUD $480.00

Persian, Qajar Lacquer Book Cover.

A rectangular wooden Persian Manuscript (Book) Cover.

The wooden panel has a champhered edge and is gold leafed finely painted over with intricately detailed arabesque borders and botehs surrounding a rectangular rose bush mingled with blue narcissi (?)

From the Qajar Dynasty that ruled in Persia from 1781 until 1925.

One of a pair, sold singly, we have the other framed on our wall but would be happy to unframe it for you should you want the pair. (Just double the price of course.)

We may still have some Qajar pen boxes (just search for Pen Boxes) if you want to display or collect related Calligraphic items.

And if you do, just search Calligraphy and see what we may have, possibly there are also oil lamps, inkwells, penknives and whet stones.

The flat back is painted in a plain yellow, some regular fine hairline cracking reveals that the panel is not solid but made of smaller units.

Age: 19th Century.

Size: L 248 mm x W 170 mm X D 10 mm.

Weight: 406 grams.