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Persian, Lapis Seal Ring.


Here's a raised silver "Persian" seal ring, set with an oval deep blue Lapis Lazuli, engraved with a charging elephant (with its ears up and its trunk lowered.)The silver is plain except for two bands of shiny "beads" against a darker background. with a finely detailed "fish" joining the plain narrow band to the larger hollow silver "bezel" which holds the stone seal. 

The solid raised box sits well on a slightly plumper finger, in this case about a size "Q" (US 8) finger.

The engraved stone measures 15 mm accross and  24 mm long, I very much doubt it's very old but there is always a slight possibilty. Regardless of age though, the overall feeling is one of historic romance.

The silver had a mild pewter patina that happily responds to a gentle polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth. (I've taken the liberty of gently polishing it to bring up the details, leaving the patina in the grooves and corners.)

Although the feel of this ring is Persian, it maybe made in either Afghanistan or Pakistan by refugee silversmiths, working in traditional styles and techniques. It's good to see some continuity rather than hybrid modern designs which could easily be the alternative.

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: Finger "Q" (US 8 mm)

Weight: 14 grams.