AUD $120.00

Persian, Old Brass Perfume Bottle.

Made from raised beaten brass, this old perfume bottle from Persia or Uzbekistan, I suspect, has an ornately pierced “tree of life” grip to its screw in stopper.

The shape and construction of the bottle itself is reminiscent of much older beated and raised brass work dating well back into "Islamic Period" Persia (pre Genghis Khan, that is.) We may also still have an interesting brass vase of this style here on the site. The raised and recessed divisions of the surface add strength and decoration not un-like the extraordinary stalactite ceiling vaulting of the period.

The main panels have floral scrolling offering a functional grip just where it is needed for unscrewing the stopper.

The brass body has a deep dark patina whilst the "tree of life" is slightly brighter from continued handling. (it's very sensual to handle and everyone seems to need  unscrew it.)  I'd avoid actually polishing it as you don't want to remove its age.

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century.

Size: H 117 mm x W 38 mm.

Weight: 45 grams