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Persian, Onyx and Silver Ring.

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A simple long flat oval black Onyx, with a rounded edge, set into a silver ring, engraved with floral and foliate designs.

To my surprise, when editing the photos of this ring, I found the tiny word "silver" and possibly "90" stamped onto the ring. (So it appears to be 900 rather than 925 % silver, that's about 2% less silver than Sterling. So it will respond well to an occasional light polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth."

It's comfortable to wear, fitting a finger about (or just larger than) Size "X" (US 11.75)

The design appears Persian, however, I suspect it was made by refugee silversmiths working in Afghanistan.

Age: Early this Century.

Size: Finger about "X" (US 11.75 ) The black stone measures about L 22 mm x W 12 mm.

Weight: 8 grams.