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Persian, Papier mache Vase.

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Another finely painted “Qajar” dynasty lacquered piece, a tall, narrow necked vase (although I wouldn't dream of putting water in it, so I suspect it was made to be displayed in a wall niche as you see in Persian miniatures.)

This vase is elegantly designed with subtly swelling curves 

The exterior surfaces are richly covered in highly detailed, convoluted arabesques of tendrils and interwoven foliage patterns, as seen on so many Persian rugs. Three bands of distinctive "Qajar" roses divide the swirling Arabesques.

The similarities between this vase and the "Qajar" Penbox we had (see PB123) are extraordinary and could possibly even be from the same atelier.

This Qajar “lacquer” is achieved by the fine application of opaque watercolours (Gouaches), over a layer of fine Gold Leaf. This in turn was laid onto a Red Bole over Gesso, finally protected with a glossy layer of transparent or slightly golden varnish. (Note, most varnishes discolour or darken with time, also fine crazing forms, as the varnish dries, shrinking with age.)

Avoid moisture as this is made of dried paper fibre and if stored in a damp environment whilst it mightn't affect the colour it would certainly damage the papier mache, which soaks up moisture and unfortunately expands, damaging and lifting the paintwork. In Persian miniatures vases tend to be stored and  displayed in wall niches, rather perhaps, than filled with water.

I suspect that this discolouring has produced the “golden lacquer” that is so characteristic of Qajar Lacquerworks.

In pretty good condition, considering it’s age and the overall fine crazing of the varnish, a few small flakes around the point where the neck meets the body are missing, and a hairline crack I only noticed in the close up shot when it was blown up. (see the last photo.)


Age: 19 th Century.

Size: H 250 mm X W 120 mm.

Weight: 256 grams.