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Persian, Rectangular "Seljuk" Ring.

Sorry, this charming ring is no longer available, however we may still have some similar ones.

This engraved, cast silver "signet ring" from Iran is a direct descendent (or copy) of Seljuk gold rings from the 12th Century, just before Genghis hit the scene.

I assume they are cast as semi finished pieces, the outer border is inlaid with dark "niello" then the rectangular "seal" is engraved, in this case with a kneeling gryphon (?) I don't think it is meant to be used as a seal, as it is very fine but I may be wrong.

The rectangular face measures L 18 mm x W 16 mm, including knobs.

As well as the ornate bezel, the shank has carved detailing including a nipple or knob at the very back, I think this indicates the casting inlet or nipple. (Think of "airfix" plastic models.)

The silver has a mellow patina as is but would respond well to a gentle polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth. (But why would you want a ring in a style 800 years old, to look new ?)

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: "M+" (US 6.25)

Weight: 11 grams.