AUD $110.00

Persian, Silver Carnelian Ring

An ornate Persian embossed Silver and Carnelian Ring, with raised “fire gilt” decorative motifs.

The carving and the build up of oxide, combined with the warmth of the gilding and the deep red/brown of the raised “cabachon” oval Carnelian, create a very pleasing richness.

An occasional careful polish with a dry “Silver Polishing Cloth” would only enhance this richness.

For a finger size of about a “R” (US 19), one of those difficult to measure shapes.
But if you’re about a “R”, then one of your fingers will fit, and that’s all you need.

As you swell with heat, weather conditions will decide which finger and even which hand is the one for any given day!

Age: Contemporary.

Size: Finger “R” (US 19), stone L 17 mm x W 7 mm.

Weight: 18 grams