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Persian, Tiny Enamelled Silver Ring.

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Here’s a little gem, a very small enamelled silver “Islamic Mosaic” Ring, it looks to me to be Persian, but may actually be Pakistani from Multan.
The colours are accurately based on Red Coral, Turquoise and Lapis, reminding me of mosaicced marble floors amd Mosques I saw in Cairo, a hint of the Taj Mahal and so, so many books.

Either way, it’s lovely, even with the small damage where some of Lapis blue background enamel has dislodged due to a small knock or two or three at some stage in it’s travels.
We especially like these signs of past wear and the randomness of the remaining colour, if it were perfect or new I’d still like it, but not as much.

It’s older than it looks, as when you handle it you’ll find the band at the back is quite shiny. I’ve just collected it from the Silver Smith, where he was closing the band at the very back where the join had opened.
It was quite wearable, on a small finger, but could have bitten the wearer, so I had it soldered closed.
Part of the cleaning process required working back into the silver and buffing it smooth.
In wear this won’t be visible, only confusing to the wearer, the front appearing older than the band.

Very small rings are hard to find and this one has such wonderful, miniature detail, completely in proportion.

It’s very hard finding and rescuing pieces like this, that are so worn, that if not rescued they would have been condemned to be melted down to be remade as new pieces.

So worn as to visually be at their best, but still sturdy enough to be wearable.

It’s difficult getting this balance of obvious age and wear, combined with durability, just right.

Age: Mid to Late 20th Century.

Size: “F” (US. 3 ish) the internal diameter is 14 mm.

Weight: 3 grams.