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Persian, Turquoise and Carnelian Pendant.

Sorry, this amazing pendant is no longer available. But you may want to check the other Pendants we have.

An extraordinary Persian pendant, llterally covered in tiny Turquoise domes.
These subtly varying shades of aqua greens are arranged around five circular, flat dark red Carnelians.
These are said to be representing both the five pillars of Islam, and the earlier protective references to the father and the ancestors.
The real surprise of this piece is that it’s double sided, using twice as many of everthing! (It seems terribly extravagant as you can only see one side at a time.)

Worn suspended from two small rings (3mm, if you’re lucky!) Because they are so tight, and won’t take a chain (unless you use jump rings to join it) I’d probably use a cord like shoe lace or or an appropriately coloured woven silk.

Although I don’t think this pendant is particularly old, the silver has a dark patina in the recesses and will respond well to having its raised highlights polished with a dry polishing cloth.

It could of course be Turkoman, as I've seen written, made using an excess of Iranian Turquoises, posssibly even by refugee silversmiths in Northern Afghanistan.

But once again though, I’m so often told, what really counts is if it looks good,
and it most certainly does.

We also have earrings, cuffs and rings that would go well with it, just search Persian or Turquoise.

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: H 82 mm x W 97 mm.

Weight: 136 grams.