AUD $78.00

Moroccan Tuareg Stone Pendant.

A subtly veined Red Agate Tuareg "tanfouk" (traditionally worn in the hair and probably evolved from the Egyptian Ankh) from Morocco, that we have taken to Indonesia to be hand set for us in a simple Sterling Silver Bale (suspension ring with a  4 x 6 mm opening) allowing easy wear on a cord, leather or chain.

The Sterling Silver bale is decorated with a single ball on one side, but it is fully reverible and can be worn either way.

Carnelian is a natural Red Agate and this one has a small section of clear stone and some circles of darker bands, which I find more interesting and is why I've always personally been drawn to Agates. These stones were hand cut in Idar-Oberstein, Germany in the mid – late 1800’s and traded into Mali, then on into the Sahara. Worn originally by Tuareg men as hair decoration for protection.

The stone is plain except for two fine lines which have been incised on both sides.

We may also still have a Green Agate version of this pendant available.

Age: Maybe late last century or this decade. Silver contemporary.

Size: H 55 mm x W 30 mm

Weight: 7 grams.