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Roman, Bronze Coin Pendant

Sorry, this pendant is no longer available. However, we may still have one similar.
An ancient, quite large, very smoothly worn "coppery" bronze Roman Coin from Eastern Europe. We have then taken it to Indonesia, where we have had it hand set into a rather "rustic" Sterling Silver mount with a hinged bale for easy wear.

During the process it has received a semi polish, something which in theory would horiify me, but in this case works exceptionally well. Revealing the warm coppery tone of the bronze that still exists beneath the oxidized patina that has built up over the centuries of its burial.

The fairly plain silver "double" setting has a very sympathetically knocked tone that somehow really suits the coin.

I'd avoid "excessive" polishing of either the silver or the coin. Maybe a careful rub with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth, but only on the silver and never a liquid or cream !

On the front you'll find what remains of an Emperors' profile and on the reverse (which we have left open to proove it's not single sided copy) there'll probably be a standing figure of a God or Goddess, however the image is too worn to be sure. On both sides are two dents (one rectangular with text and a smaller circular one) which seem to indicate that it has been "over punched" at least twice.

Whatever, this knocked around result is very visually pleasing, almost abstract. (As a matter of fact it was suggested to me that this one was too knocked to take the time getting it made up, I'm very glad I did as it is actually my current favourite !).

We may also have some other Ancient Coin Pendants listed in our Antiquities Section, as the Coin itself is so old.

Age: 1st - 4th Century AD.

Size: H 34 mm x W 30 mm.

Weight:  15 grams.